We focus our services where people seek to change the public realm through planning, development, public policy, and strategic planning that affects the public realm. Our areas include land use, urban design, site-specific project design, transportation, and organizational strategic planning.

Land Use


Urban development is now a balancing act: density increases, infrastructure ages, environmental quality and livability diminish while public funding decreases. We have deep experience in bringing experts together with stakeholders to improve the city and public health, invigorate the local economy, support environmental justice and social equity principles, and create beautiful urban spaces. Projects include:

General plans, specific plans, zoning ordinances
Economic development & community revitalization strategy
Entitlements for commercial, institutional & residential development
Urban design, neighborhood quality of life, mixed-used development




Federal and state statutes protect many of our essential natural resources and public health, but proactive initiatives and policy are necessary at the local and regional level to mitigate development impacts, restore habitat, and educate and involve citizens in environmental protection. We facilitate groups to develop:

Habitat conservation plans
Stakeholder-based marine resource planning
Educational curricula for climate change, water quality, habitat protection
Community-based habitat restoration projects
Environmental quality ordinances




Regional and community-based analysis lie at the core of successful infrastructure planning. An informed, engaged community helps secure support for funding and constructing new infrastructure. We help stakeholders collaborate with government to weigh public benefit against costs to plan and implement projects. We have experience in:

Transportation systems
Parks, trail systems, & greenway planning/design/funding
Facility siting & mitigation


Organizational Development


Advocacy groups and non-profits form an essential buttress for community development: they advocate for funding and legislation, steward environmental and historical resources, and educate the public. We facilitate robust strategic planning efforts to build resilient, mission-driven organizations. We help in:

Formation/convening of a new organization
Multi-year strategic & action planning
Conflict resolution, between organizations
Public & organizational funding