Bluhon Group | Forming a Trust for Rosie the Riveter

Forming a Trust for Rosie the Riveter

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The Rosie the Riveter Trust emerged from a founding group of citizens keen on supporting the National Park Service’s efforts, investment, and outreach to the public following enacting legislation for the Rosie the Riveter National Park in Richmond.

The Trust retained Bluhon Group to facilitate and craft its Vision and Strategic Plan, 2005-2008. The process consisted of facilitated board meetings with extended engagement by peripheral stakeholders including business entities and park staff. The plan consists of the Trust’s vision and mission statements, a discussion of challenges and past accomplishments, broad program goals, and specific projects. The Board of Directors conducts an annual evaluation of the Trust’s success and updates the strategic plan and annual work plan accordingly. The annual evaluation ensures that the Trust is focused on opportunities most essential to aid the National Park Service’s work.


Since the Strategic Plan was adopted and implemented in 2005, the Trust has grown to include 12 board members and a full-time executive director.