Bluhon Group | Building Support for Affordable Homes

Building Support for Affordable Homes

City of Redwood City, Redevelopment Agency


The City of Redwood City purchased housing complexes on adjacent properties in the Rolison Avenue neighborhood, an area deemed blighted and in need of revitalization. The city wanted to build a new multi-family affordable housing project, which neighbors stridently opposed. The city retained Bluhon to work with a task force of advocates and opponents.


Bluhon facilitated six plenary sessions and two public workshops that engaged about 100 area residents. Using a stepwise agreement-building process, the group unanimously agreed to a two-story, 36-unit project and detailed design and site planning guidelines for the project. Additionally, the task force prepared a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategy to guide capital investment for the surrounding neighborhood.


The city council unanimously approved the task force recommendation and Peninsula Habitat for Humanity developed the project. The project was constructed in 2004 and is very popular today with residents.