Bluhon Group | Building Consensus for Women in Transition

Building Consensus for Women in Transition


Residents opposed plans for building a new transitional home for women near Downtown Novato. Area residents



Sleeves-rolled-up confidential problem-solving sessions were convened to conduct deep assessment of neighbor concerns about the project. Executive staff from Gilead House worked closely with concerned residents to identify precise programming, design, and maintenance dimensions of the facility.

Bluhon Group helped stakeholders break concepts into discrete categories of issues and assigned teams to develop alternatives to share with the full group. A single negotiating text guided the parties toward a consensus agreement about the redesigned project.



Project appellants withdrew their opposition and joined with other community supporters to ask for the city council’s approval of the project. Council unanimously approved the project.

Gilead House formed a close alliance with area residents to raise funding for and construct their new home. Since 2011, Gilead House has become an integral asset of the Novato Community. The facility provides a safe, loving home for six families at a time for up to 1 year.


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