Our services are offered as a standalone activity or to support in-house or consultant project teams formed for a broader planning process.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement establishes a framework for subsequent collaboration and negotiation. Key steps include assessment, participation, and listening to determine who needs to be engaged, how, when, and on what topics.

Stakeholder Assessment & Process Design
Issue inventory and assessment to inform design of an appropriate process.

Outreach & Civic Engagement
Public participation and management to support planning.  

Facilitated Dialogue
Facilitated workshops, charrettes, and brainstorm sessions.

Policy & Strategic Planning

Comprehensive planning is the best way to achieve innovative solutions when diverse interests and complex issues are in play. We use advanced facilitation to help clients engage stakeholders and experts, set goals, establish fact-finding procedures, develop options, and build consensus around a single, preferred solution.

Joint Fact-Finding
Facilitated procedure to select experts and gather/share/interpret scientific data.  

Task Force Facilitation
Facilitation/recording of task force proceedings for consensus and commitment. 

Strategic Planning
Organizational and community planning to implement specific objectives.


We serve as a neutral third party to facilitate multi-party negotiations and mediate disputes that end in mutual gain outcomes with binding, time-sensitive commitments.  We also advise and represent clients.

Assisted Negotiation
Neutral facilitation to help parties reach a binding agreement. 

Mediation & Dispute Resolution
Confidential mediation of land use, public, and organizational disputes.

Representation & Advising
Confidential strategic counsel to individual clients.