Our mission: Help people create a healthy city, sustainable environment & inclusive community through effective collaboration.

We believe that organizations and government can achieve seemingly impossible because people  achieve durable project and policy agreements. We tailor services in stakeholder engagement, strategic planning, and negotiation to help clients innovate with better information, build consensus, and strengthen relationships.

Our clients need stakeholder input, public support, or regulatory and/or legislative approval to advance their project forward.

Our services are designed to achieve a singular objective: identify and engage stakeholders to gather valuable information to inform planning, build agreement, and obtain approvals and funding in the most time- and cost-effective manner possible. We work seamlessly with our client’s project team — executive leadership, senior management, staff, subject matter experts, consultants — to provide full (or limited) support in communicating, engaging, and negotiating with the public and stakeholders.


Land Use 

Climate Change


Organizational Strategy